Modern Orangery Designs & Styling

Modern Orangery Designs & Styling

Contemporary Modern Orangeries

Modern Orangery Designs & StylingMost folks would probably conjure up a very grand edifice in their mind if they were asked to imagine or describe what they though an orangery looked like – and really, that’s not far from reality.

Classic orangeries do feature a lot of fancy, sometimes elaborate and fancy detail, especially in the area where the roof meets the walls. But whist a growing number of homeowners would like to have a large home extension, they feel an orangery can be viewed as “old fashioned”.

Contemporary orangery design has taken big steps to move away from this stuffy & fussy image.

The latest examples off modern Engineered timber and aluminium orangeries are very sleek with almost aggressive sharp angles – they also make far more use of cutting edge structural design features – find out more here: