What are the features of uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows?

What are the features of uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows?

Tilting & Turning window designs

features of uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows?This is one of those window designs that it totally unique in the way it appears and functions.

In one form, the tilt & turn window functions like a regular window to open and close, albeit that the opening action is inwards, not outwards. In another form, the opening section of the window has the function to open inwards from the bottom and lean backwards into the room.

This leaning action allows for a great deal of ventilation in a quite secure fashion as the window does not have to be wide open and the tilt angle is restricted so as to be big enough for air, but not for a human to get through.

All the functions are controlled by a single handle. (see more here- www.upvcwindowsfitted.co.uk/upvc-tilt-and-turn-windows-features-and-costs)

You can get tilt & turn windows in UPVC, wood or aluminium and in a range of different colours – bigger versions of the design can even be used as a door.