Double Glazed Windows – When to Replace Them

Double Glazed Windows – When to Replace Them


Double glazing is simply two panes of glass with an insulation layer of sealed gas between the two panes, often referred to as a “sealed unit”.

The insulating gas and double glass panes ensure that the window has very good sound and heat insulating properties. Over time the seal between the panes of glass may deteriorate and loose the ability to retain heat and noise.

Problems with double glazing usually come from either a seal on a window becoming broken or the area around the window degrading with time.

How do you know when you need to replace your existing double glazing, or simply just reapply silicone to the edges of the window.

The first signs of the seal going on is that you may notice cloudiness on the window. Do not mistake this for condensation on the inside or dirt on the outside. Clean the window both on the outside and the inside of the window and if there is still a cloudy look to the window, the seal may have gone on the window.

You may also notice heat loss and sound penetrating through the unit. For this problem you will need to replace the window.  How Much Does Double Glazing Cost in 2018?

Double Glazed Windows - When to Replace ThemOther areas where windows may lose heat from a house are the rubber seals around the internal edges of a window. They may begin to fray and break due to years of sun damage, this may not affect the deal of the double glazing simply just around the edge of the frame. Around the external frame, installers will probably use silicone to seal the window into the brickwork or timber. Over time these seals may also need to be replaced, by simply using a knife to remove the existing silicone then reapplying this to a clean frame and the seal is restored.

If you have large cracks or even breaks in any double glazed windows, then replacing the unit is simply the only option. You should be able to match the window and frame style to the existing installation as they are many styles and manufacturers available.

Any genuine and reputable double glazing company will be able to advise on any issues you may have with your double glazed windows. Whether you have cracks, broken seals or simply water and sun damage.

Replacing the unit may not be the best option, especially for your wallet, and make sure you ask them if repairs can be made.

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