About Us

Our locally sourced meat is coated in our house rub, a secret combination of herbs and spices, giving it time to soak up the flavour before it even hits the smoker. It is then slow smoked in our Oklahoman wood burning ovens for up to 20 hours until it is melt in your mouth tender and ready for a slather of our home-made sauces. Served up with a freshly made cornbread & jalapeno muffin, BBQ beans or parmesan truffle fries for a glorious BBQ feast. All of our meat is sourced locally and is guaranteed to be fresh and of a high quality. All of our food is cooked in the most traditional and authentic way using well-honed techniques, producing BBQ that delivers the maximum in taste, enhanced by a selection of delicious sides.

Southern Eleven in Manchester's Spinningfields offers up a truly mouth-watering American BBQ experience


The drinks menu is nearly as  
drool-worthy as the food


Slow-cooked and smoked meats are the speciality of this brainchild of James Hitchen


Another first to
city centre diners 



To speak to a member of our team directly regarding a booking please click here to email or phone 0161 832 0482.